"Ode to a Glass"...a poem to LIFE!

Picture if Ray WinterOde to a Glass

(for Ray Winter)
by Rene Westbrook
copyright @2012
Brimming with blood red ambrosia
In grandma's crystal glass
 I raise my voice in praise.....
To Daybreak
that fine sliver of fire
burning its way from
brittle night into the
lining of the blue
and a star is born
I'll drink to that

To the First Conscious Breath
swallowed in swirls of sleep
awake and behold
awake and begin
breathe the taste of day
alive, again
I'll drink to that

To a Dapper Misty Dew
fresh melon moisture beaded
against the grassy knoll
busy little Beings
getting ready for one hell
of a party under foot
I'll drink to that

To that Hallelujah Harvest
golden yellow, green and red
sustenance given in grace
grace given in peace
from a bountiful garden
my cup runneth over
I'll drink to that

To this Gathering Family
the clan, the kindred
the wayward fin
bound and bonded by love
by blood, by reason and none
tribes of the 32, Unite!
I'll drink to that

To all Those Lovely Ones
the ones here, the ones gone
the ones now, and the ones later
the lost and the found
the small, and the ones greater
farewell and hello
I'll drink to that

To the Purposeful Walk
in celebration, liberation
and creation of this day
my day, your day, birthday
each and everyday
an onion for the taking
I'll drink to that

To the God Within
whispers strong as steel
the mighty webs of flight
enter upon this land and know
marvelous, marvelous me
marvelous, marvelous we,
Let's raise our glasses and drink to that!

To Life

peace in our lifetime


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