Beauty and the Beast

The glory days of summer are upon us. We wallow in blue skies and sweet, fragrant breezes from a southwesterly wind. But high above the horizon is an ominous quickening of a destructive fury.

Climate change and its subsequent flashes of pronounced disruptions to our daily lives are becoming more and more common place. Drought and extreme heat have resulted in raging fires that have taken their toll in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Overbearing heat waves blanket the mid-Atlantic states, pushing scorching weather as far north as New York and New England. An early hurricane season is sending gale storm winds and rain to areas sooner than expected.

Yet, the summer of 2012 began auspiciously with the transit of Venus, on June 5th, crossing the face of the Sun. This rare celestial phenomenon has happened only 7 times since the invention of the telescope. The path Venus forges comes in pairs, with the first transit completed in 2004, and the second one this year, taking eight years and forming a pentagram (five-pointed star) on its final transit. Astrologers and spiritualists alike believe the symbolism here coincides with the Mayans, who recorded this time as the beginning of a powerful shift in consciousness on the planet. Given the state of our unstable global economy, overuse of natural resources, overpopulation, and unpredictable climate changes, now is the time for a cosmic fix.

Venus has always been seen as the amplification of love, the feminine mystique in all her grandeur. The Sun, masculine and fearsome, has been the energy source of our spiritual and life-giving existence. Together, there is hope that the overwhelming power of their combined planetary forces will alter the outcome of our downward spiral to catastrophe.

Earth and her inhabitants are the "beauty" that shines so brightly in our corner of the Milky Way. It is our "beastly" behavior towards all living things that is called into question, time and again. If the planets and stars can do their dance with precision and grace, it is no less than something for us to strive toward. Our only course of action is creative transformation: a revolution of holistic survival built upon equitable balance between nations and their resources. This is the only way we as a world will be here in the next 121.5 years when another Transit of Venus occurs.

Love and peace in our lifetime



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