Realization. Actualization. Mastery.

In the early part of the first century Christian gnostics battled the tyranny of Paul's worldview of "man"as being born in sin and in need of repentance. His doctrine would shape Christianity for years to come. Thegnostics, on the other hand, believed the soul to be ignorant of its divinity, and would transform through spiritual knowledge that came from mystical enlightenment.

Fast forward two thousand years, and anyone seeking spiritual transformation usually rejects traditional religion in favor of a more holistic approach to divine oneness. The vast landscape that becomes the foundation for metaphysics gives the explorer ample choices, ranging from studies in consciousness to diverging tenants of parapsychology and its evil twin, black magic.

Where is a good tarot card reader when you need one?

Enter the "Enlightened One", a master teacher with a clearly unscripted spin on any tale in the last 35,000 years, that is sure to make you think about why you are a spiritual Being having a human experience.

Unlike the Christians, the Vedics, the Buddhists, the Zen masters, and the Hari Krishnas, this E.O., smokes a pipe, drinks wine and laughs out loud with voice inflection to make the point. And that point is, infallibly, that we are the god we have been waiting for; end of story!

   So, Behold God!

The message is simple and the teachings are profoundly relevant for a spiritual Being having a supremely human experience. Possessions are only for the moment and the moment is only for a divine spark that's here, there, and everywhere. When you have arrived at that place of awareness, then there is Realization, Actualization and Mastery!

     "you got that?" ....R.A.M.!

love and peace in our lifetime

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