Occupy Your Creative Self-2012

Creating the stuff of life

There is a crashing, clanging, almost unnerving clatter of complaint and fury coming from the masses this year.  In unison, the voices of discontent are everywhere.

We have a natural pull to identify with all the protesters around the world at the moment, yet there is also a need to DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE with all the energy these "Occupy " movements are generating.

Everyone is a creative and resourceful person.  Our talents are limitless when we link them together for an idea and a purpose.  Already there are inventive ways these "occupy" groups are communicating:  primal hand signals, call and response sessions, exciting ways to use social networking. So, why not add another dimension to this wave of protest: creative engineering of endless possibilities.

We want government officials, bosses, bankers, and Wall Street to come up with solutions to our lives.  We should know by now that their ideas serve their own interests.  So, why would we rely on others to solve our problems.  Are we a community of minions and mice, or are we masters of our own destiny?

Our focus in 2012 should not be an election. We should be focused on the total deconstruction of mediocrity.  Now is the time to elevate CREATIVITY. The 21 Century will demand new and innovative ways to thrive in our global community.  We are primed and ready to launch into a millennium of great and radical change for ourselves and the planet.

And, we have the attention of the entire world.  "Occupy" is now a fashionable state of mind in which to be aligned. Here is a golden opportunity for creative ideas, innovations, and original thinking to come together and be shared.  There is an audience out there just waiting for the next brave new worldview that sustains us into the foreseeable future.

By bringing our talents and creative energy together to solve our little problems, we will have even greater
resources to tackle the truly large ones.  Seeking creative resolutions to everyday issues will develop unique and dynamic results for ourselves and indeed, for this wide expanse we call the "world".

Here's to making something wonderful and new... it starts with YOU!

Love in the New World


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