Food, Glorious Food

FOOD... that great equalizer and the iconic symbol of health and vitality. 

Nowhere is food more important than in one's own backyard. Happily for the residents of Yelm, their Food Cooperative has a new home with an expanded vision.

Housed in the well established business of Gordon's Garden Center, the "new"Yelm Food Coop brings with it a sustainable and reproducible model within the Cascadia Bioregion, that offers safe, community based, and regional self-sufficient agricultural systems and food accessibility.

We are aware that old fashioned farming techniques are becoming a thing of the past. Bio-engineering and seed selection has been going on now for the past twenty years. Farmers are losing their family farms to big corporations who are taking over the production of food.

To combat the rise of GMOs, small community farmer's markets and cooperatives have grown in popularity out of necessity. People are ready to work collectively to harness the power of home gardens and safe food production locally.  The Yelm Food Cooperative is fast becoming a leader in our area for several important reasons.  Their mission is both tailored to its community and expansive in its goals.

The Yelm Cooperative seeks to operate natural and organic food retail and distribution outlets, providing access to foods not available through the international food distribution systems.  They will develop and make available to members and the community at large comprehensive educational programs that focus on community food self-sufficiency through production, processing, storage, rotation, and use of regional foods. And lastly, they are developing a support network of local, community, and regional environmentally responsible farmers and small scale sustainable food services.  These will include, but not limited to Farmer's Markets, educationally focused community gardening programs, and farmer direct relationships.

In light of recent stories about Monsanto and other food corporations growing beef in test tubes, it is a welcomed relief to know that the Yelm Food Cooperative has its finger on the pulse of the community.
It is now possible on a larger scale, to buy organic produce and wholesome food for our families that is both local and naturally grown.

Food, Glorious, Food!

Love and peace in our lifetime.


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