Double Vision

In mastering the daytime "action" of my waking reality, it often 
occurs to me that the movies which scroll unedited at night might be altered states of frequencies bleeding through a thin veil of chaotic tuning.  
For the second time in a year, I dreamed of being in the same time and space with myself.  OK, try this one: I occupied the same time and space as another self; me looking at myself, while in the same room.
The first time was truly amazing.  I was looking at someone who was me, just a younger version.  I couldn't take my eyes off of her.  Apparently, nor could she. That encounter was different from the most recent one. Then, I arrived in a booth on a train and she was already there. I was very surprised, yet she was not.
The other night, I was retelling someone about a past incident and before I knew what I was saying, I was catapulted into that very
moment I was describing, only this time, another self was present in the room.  I looked over at myself and we were really happy to see each other.She came over to where I was still telling the story and laughed out loud.  Surprisingly, we both had no trouble with that scientific conundrum of two objects occupying the same time and space. It was indeed a "fringe" moment.
So, here I am, seeing myself in altered states of awareness and rather cool about the entire experience.  That I have walked on water three different times, flown above buildings without wings, seen through walls and visited a marvelous crystal city in the dream state only enhances the idea that we are Spiritual Being hiding out in basement of Nirvana.

Dreaming must be that elusive trap door that get us out of our bodies and into the thrilling world of weird possibilities. Over the years, I have come to love sleeping.  I embrace the weightlessness of no-thinking and accept on command, the journey through the portal of another time and another place. Each morning when I awake, I look back at the wonder of it all and smile.

Sweet Dreams y'all

Peace and love in this lifetime

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