Last Daughter of the Kill

Woman, the vessel that both carries and brings forth Life. It is a sacred rite of passage for a human being and that this power was given to the woman, has been both her curse and her glory.
Yet, the power to claim and define the state of womanhood has always been in the hands of men, be it at what age she can marry, what she can own, and who possesses the rights to her body. Thus, suffering the indignity of sexual abuse, shame, poverty, and murder for the majority of girls and women in the 21th century, prevails.
Why, after eons of dead voices from the grave, do we allow this?
How does an advance culture like ours, allow politicians to define rape or deny female soldiers the right to an abortion paid by the government she serves, if she is raped and becomes pregnant? How do we have large numbers of representation, but only interested in the booty call? Celebrities? Fashion Models and Royal Princesses?
There is only one reason women continue to allow such death and destruction to their body, mind and spirit. From ancient times to the present, there is an innate surrendering, a fallow stench of truth that lingers. Somewhere in the soul of woman, she believes herself beneath the man. Somehow, woman is not the Divine Being she believes herself to be; for if she were, no way in HELL, for centuries, would she let herself be butchered, battered, raped and enslaved by an inherent psychology of male domination.
A society of women who knows they are Divine, would seek to protect themselves. It would be the duty of every female to guard her younger sister. Every girl would know martial arts, meditation, physical and mental control, science, metaphysics, all of the arts, and sacred geometry, along with higher mathematics, cymatics and alchemy.
This global society of women has arrived. With Earth changes, come a mighty wind. Unenlightened women who have supported male dominance in sex slavery, government, education, and social engineering will be small in number and eventually fade away.
Women have always been equal to men.
That they have not known this for all their time on this planet is astonishing.
 The good news. They know now!
love and peace in our lifetime
The collage "Tell" is part of a new series titled "Idols in the Mirror" by artist and writer, Rene Westbrook.  


0 #1 Inspired 2012-05-05 17:43
Every Woman, and blessed mother that has the insight to raise her children whole, with respect for the sanctity of all Life, would be wise to not teach intolerance, but action, of compassion and understanding towards the right use of energy (that includes thought.) A mind state considering women as 'lesser' is a state encouraging 'victimhood'. That is not the mindset that inspires courage and strength in one's being unless it was the causative circumstance that the person experiencing was left to discover her strength and resillance as a result. Regardless of circumstance. Humanity is encouraged to evolve, both genders into a Whole, one race, the Human Race. Every Lifetime is the next gender, we get to experience it all.

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