Dance, Love, Focus!

The Spring of Hearts

After such a long, wet winter Spring has arrived with the sweet smell of mint green and sassafras.
Flowers are blooming and people seem to move about the town with more ease these days.

I love the power of the sun and know that the great deluge all winter has brought with it a great harvest for everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

Now is the time to give homage to the bounty that awaits us in our gardens, backyard parties, and indoor feasts that summer will surely bring.

Already music can be heard blaring from cars with their tops down and skateboarders singing to tunes on their ipods; truly....there's a song in air and all of us are dancing to the beat of spring's happy heart.

So, get out there....strum your guitar, claps your hands and dance with your lover, or two! But above all, focus on the Love that is all around us.

Nature gives it freely, all we have to do is accept.

Love and peace in our lifetime

The artwork for this blog comes from a book titled "The Great Silence" written and illustrated by artist, Rene Westbrook.



0 #1 Caroline Couture Taylor 2012-04-09 14:07
Nature is indeed the greatest giver of them all. Great blog!

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