Florence Vincent

I was pretty uncomfortable watching Mitt Romney in last weeks debate. I felt like I'd been duped and sold a car that I didn't want, by a slick tongued salesman who would say anything to make the sale. 

Like Paul Ryan's convention speech which was roundly criticized for its lies, Romney also lied throughout the debate, but he got away with it as the press focused on the President's lack luster performance. 

In Romney's tax plan the wealthy get a 20% tax cut that will cost us $5 trillion dollars over 10 years. He says it will mostly pay for itself. Just like George Bush. And if Romney's 20% tax cut for the wealthy doesn't pay for itself, who do you think will end up holding the bag? Regular Americans. Again, just like Bush.  

Mitt Romney told us we shouldn't let him be president if we ever found he'd paid more taxes than were due.

So he now finds himself in a bit of a pickle, as he didn't take all the tax deductions in 2011 from his charitable donations that were required. You see, if he had taken the full deduction, his taxes would come down to around 9%. He couldn't have that as he'd already said he'd paid 14% in taxes. So has he manipulated his taxes for political gain? I just wonder what else he's not telling us. Now don't worry about him as he has 2 years to claim back the extra deductions.

I am seriously wondering if Mitt Romney understands us. First, he thinks that the middle class starts at $200,000 to $250,000. He recently said to a group of big donors that 47% of Americans are victims who would never vote for him, so he's not worried about them.

Now 47% would be almost half of the country. So who are these people that Romney is disdainful about?  It would seem to be anyone who earns $27,873 or less.

If you are used to voting Republican and you are near or at retirement age, you might want to think about your voting preferences this year.  There is only one party that has fought from the get-go against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  That is the Republican party.  Please be aware that the Romney/Ryan plan will cut all these programs one way or another.  Everything Romney has done in the past year has shown us his philosophy on life. He really does believe that some are worthy and some are not. I have a feeling that unless you earn over $500,000 a year you don't count as worthy.  Don't forget he is worth over $1/4 billion dollars.

The Romney/Ryan budget plan, which has already been voted on and passed twice in the Republican led House of Congress, would shrink Medicare to a "premium support" program that would give seniors a fixed voucher to purchase health insurance. The first version would probably cost seniors more than $6000 extra a year as the rate of inflation is much less than the annual insurance hikes in healthcare. The second version would have the whole program run out of money by 2016.