Florence Vincent

Happy New Year. Our newly elected republican congress has changed the people running the CBO, (congressional budget office) and decided that they need a new strategy as people understand "trickle down" hasn't worked. That their wages have been flat since the 1980's and that this policy has created the worst inequality since the 1920's.

This magical accounting is now called "Dynamic Scoring". Same policy, different name. If you remember President Bush Senior called trickle down "Voodoo Economics".  Even the Pope says the wealthy have become so greedy they aren't prepared to pay their workers a living wage.

Some facts as to why Congress just can't give enough welfare away to their multinational corporate friends. The Institute for Policy Study found that 7 of the 30 largest corporations that were highly profitable in 2013 earned $74 billion in pre-tax profits, paid no taxes. In fact they received $.9 billion in refunds and subsidies. They distributed those funds to their CEOs as wages and to shareholders as dividends.

In 2006, the Republican lame duck Congress inserted a 'poison pill' into the Post Office Accountability Act that mandated the Post Office pay 75 years of Employee Health Care Benefits in an unheard of 10 years. This put an unrealistic burden of over $5 billion a year on the Post Office. Without this poison pill, the Post Office would be making a profit.

Along with signing the bill, George Bush appointed to the Post Office Board Republicans who don't believe in a constitutionally mandated Post Office, and although it isn't funded by taxpayers, but by stamp sales alone, they have been systematically dismantling it ever since. The board is touting billions of dollars in losses, while in fact USPS has made profits.

The media is telling us both parties are to blame for Washington DC government gridlock. Most people don't have enough time to focus on politics, so think that because the President is a Democrat, it must be the Democrats fault.

They don't realize the House is run by Republicans, and that the Senate, where the Democrats have a small majority, and have passed many good pieces of legislation, has had each piece of legislation filibustered by the Republican minority.

The President just came out in favor of the internet being open to all. Or Net Neutrality as it's called. He is asking the FCC to regulate cable companies the same as phone companies.

Imagine the phone company listening in to your call, and if they thought you were making a business call, they would charge you 10 cents a minute, whereas if it sounded like you were calling your grandmother, they would only charge you 3 cents a minute. Cable companies shouldn't charge us differently depending on which site we look at. We need to make internet providers Title 2 Common Carrier's just like phone companies.