Florence Vincent

This year the Democrats are electing their Presidential Nominee on March 26th by the Caucus System (rather like a get-together at a local venue), so please put it in your calendar NOW. The Republicans will be using the May 24th Primary Ballot (which will appear in your mail box).

While you can certainly check a Democratic preference on your primary ballot, it will only be a 'show vote'. The Democrats will ONLY count the vote you place at the Caucus.

We have been lulled into a stupor by the entertainment media and the busyness of our lives. Meanwhile the multinational corporations are about to takeover the planet.

How? Ever heard of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), or the TTIP, (the European version) and TiSA, which calls for the privatization of all public services, (the post office, public education, Medicare, Medicaid etc which make up 80% of the US economy). 

Do we value our States rights, our U.S. sovereignty? If so, we need to say no to the TPP, (the Trans Pacific Partnership) which the President and some in State and Federal Government are pushing. If we give the President Fast Track Authority to push the TPP through, it will be without Congressional oversight, needing just an up or down vote.

Is there a trend happening around the world? Can it happen in Yelm and Thurston County?

It looks like our Canadian friends to the north have had enough of conservative values. With the largest voter turnout in years, the Canadian people want 'Social' liberalism. More working with the rest of the world, more putting people and the environment above money.

The Washington State Senate unanimously passed a bill to legalize growing industrial hemp after the House unanimously passed it. While hemp comes from the same family as marijuana, (like a chihuahua and a Great Dane come from the same family). You can't get high from hemp, no matter how much you smoke. You can buy Canadian hemp seeds at Costco, and Canadian nutritious hemp oil from the Yelm Food Co-op, and Chinese made hemp clothes from local stores, now we will be able to grow it.

Once, hemp was Americas largest crop. In WWII we made rope out of it. Our first three presidents, Washington, Jefferson and Adams grew it.  The original Declaration of Independence was written on it.