Florence Vincent

What I'm learning from Brexit, Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

While the media talks about racism, nationalism and people taking British jobs, it's the very financial structure of the EU, the USA and the world that is in question.

How do you feel about Republicans running Thurston County? I ask because I find it interesting that none of them will run under that banner for County Commissioner.

There are three different yard signs popping up around this part of the county and they all say Independent. Are these men hoping you'll think they aren't Republican?

I'm sharing this fascinating journey I'm on with my new found friends. A journey I would welcome you to join.

Since getting involved in the Democrats monthly Legislative District (LD2) meetings I have seen the meetings grow from 8-10 people to 20-30 people. It's happening because people want change and change happens from the bottom up.

The system is rigged. You can fix it, or continue it. Energy policy is dictated by the fossil fuel industry, security/war policy by the military industrial complex, healthcare policy by the health insurance industry, drug prices by Big Pharma, what we eat by Big Ag, fiscal policy by the Big Banks and trade policy is written by multinational corporations.