Florence Vincent

I'm not completely sure where some local people are getting their information from, but the two "Independents" running for County Commissioner, former 20 year sheriff Edwards and police chief Hutchings are both Republicans. If you check their PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) filings you will see they are raising their money from developers, conservative Republicans and the Libertarian Freedom Foundation (Edwards).  If they have a "deep understanding of the environment", and really cared about it, then why aren't they being endorsed by environmental organizations instead of developers.

Here is what I've researched about candidates running for office this primary season. There are so many on the ballot this year! Your ballots need to be in by August 2nd. This list will show some of the establishment picks and the more progressive picks.

  • Governor: Jay Inslee (establishment) or Patrick O'Rourke (Progressive)
  • US Senate: Patty Murray (est) or Philip Cornell (prog)
  • Representative District 10: Denny Heck (est) or Jennifer Gigi Ferguson (prog)

It's that time of year again. WA state primary ballots are about to arrive in your mailbox.

Be thoughtful about who you vote for. There has been little progress in the state because the Republicans make sure nothing happens. Our district is a prime example of stagnant growth and income inequality.