Florence Vincent

Legislative District 2 goes from Orting to the far side of Mt. Rainier, through Eatonville, down to Rainier, then over to Lacey. Half of LD2 is thrilled that Trump and the Republicans will be running the country, while the other half are aghast.

It was a change election and elite Democrats lost the plot.. 2008 was also a change election after Bush left us exhausted from war, loosing 800,000 jobs a month, a crashing housing market and banking system. Obama, after only 74 days of Democratic control to fix the problem got nothing done due to complete Republican obstruction. So people felt nothing had been done so we are back to craving change.

Every major country in the world has signed the Paris Climate Agreement. Every country has been effected by climate change. The Pentagon says that climate change is their most dangerous problem as people from whole countries will have to move as those countries fall to desertification. That means they will put pressure on their neighbors food and water supplies as millions of people move.

That Voter Pamphlet is the size of a book! I gave up half way through the first initiative knowing there were tons more. Fortunately there's help with the Progressive Voters Guide, www.WaVoterGuide.com (although I do support I-732).

Politics is more than who is President. Your life is effected by the bottom of the ticket. I just wish more people realize how important it is to be involved with local politics.  Last Sunday’s local Democratic get-together had a great turnout and I learned a lot. Thurston County Commissioner candidates Kelsey Hulse and Jim Cooper gave compelling reasons to vote for them. Auditor Mary Hall explained the County is given marching orders from the State, but no money and the County has huge restrictions on how to fund those State requirements.

If you want America to be strong at home and abroad, do more than just vote, stay involved. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House plans to push through as much of his Republican platform as he can in the lame-duck session, November to January 2017.

November’s ballot will include two initiatives that deal with the issue of money in politics. Initiative-735 and Initiative-1464 address different elements of the problem of money in politics.  Both are big steps toward re-empowering the ordinary citizens of Washington State and the entire country. 

I-735 will make Washington the 18th state in only 6 years to ask Congress to overturn Citizens United and there are 20 other states working on it. It took over 50 years to get the 19th Amendment for women's right to vote!