Florence Vincent

Wendell Potter, author of "Nation on the Take", spent years working for Cigna Health Insurance, helping the health insurance industry fight regulations, manipulate elected officials with financial muscle, and convince Americans their system was the best we could afford. After having a 'crisis of conscience' after seeing a "Free Health Fair" at a State Fairground, where thousands of poor people were being herded into cattle stalls to see doctors and dentists for free, he quit his job.  He made headlines when he testified before the U.S. Senate, pulling back the curtain on how America’s health insurers secure massive profits at the expense of average Americans.

Donald Trump promised he wouldn't touch Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, but the Republicans plan gutting them as soon as they get to congress Jan 3rd, before you realize it's happening.

They use the words 'save' and 'reform' hoping to confuse you. By law, SS can't go bust. We pay into it every paycheck, so there is nothing to reform. (SocialSecurityWorks.org)

Your recent votes may dramatically effect your life. If you are a senior, Social Security is important as so many have no savings. Without it 40.5% of us will be in poverty, with it, only 8.8%! The Republicans and some Democrats have been trying to pock holes in it for years. With the House, Senate and Presidency in Republican hands, now is their chance to gut it. Even though it was set up as an insurance program and we've been paying into it all our working lives, they have plans for our $2.8 trillion. At the moment we get 99 cents of every dollar. They want their banking friends get much more than one penny to run it.

I have a number of friends who are pretty excited about all the change that Trump will bring. I think they are right; change is coming, I'm just not sure it's what we're expecting.

Having spent 4 years at New York Military Academy, Trump's comfortable with the military, putting 3 in his cabinet. He's also comfortable with millionaires and billionaires.

I'm very worried about my friends. Many, like me are on Social Security and Medicare. (We've paid into them for years and were told they would be there for us). I also know a lot of wonderful people who have to depend on Food Stamps. Paul Ryan who runs the Republican Congress has finally got the ability to make his Republican dream of gutting them all a reality. Donald Trump will sign Ryan's bills as they come through.