Florence Vincent

The Republican Betsy Devos Era of Education is here: House Bill HR610 makes some large changes. 

The proposed bill will start school vouchers for children aged 5-17 and starts defunding public schools.  It will eliminate the Elementary and Education Act of 1965, which provides equal opportunity in education.

America is the wealthiest country in the world, so why are we having to scrape to fund our schools, our Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?  

Until we get money out of politics, it's a battle. The new Republican healthcare plan could give the top 2% over $200 billion in rebates while cutting Medicaid.

Alex Jones, TV/radio host is very excited about how Trump and Steve Bannon are doing. "they’re really trying to cut taxes, they’re really trying to get loans to small businesses, they’re really trying to get us out of carbon taxes and Obamacare, and they’re doing it, they’re delivering".

There's a difference between talk and what's actually happening.

There is evidence that over the years, "Right-toWork" laws cost the average worker and the state as a whole. The Economic Policy Institute posted a study in 2015 which said that wages in right-to-work states are roughly 3.1% lower, which works out to nearly $1,560 less per year than in states like Washington without right-to-work laws.  The rates of employer-sponsored health insurance is 2.6% lower in right-to-work states, and the rate of employer-sponsored pensions are 4.8% lower. There is also a huge difference in workplace safety in right-to-work states, with worker fatalities in construction being 34% higher in right-to-work states than in non-right-to-work states. They tried to get it on the ballot in 2015 but failed. Let's not become a right-to-work state.