New Trumpcare must pass by September 30th!

"A 40-year-old diagnosed with metastatic cancer, for example, could expect to pay a 3,500% $140,510 surcharge on their annual health premium, effectively making many families choose between being bankrupted by their insurance company or being bankrupted by their hospital bills." Ian Millhiser, Think Progress. 

This is from the new Trumpcare bill that is gaining steam among Senate Republicans, called Graham-Cassidy. It needs to be voted on by September 30th, so that it can be passed with only 50 senate votes. 

They plan on pushing it through with or without a complete CBO (Congressional Budget Office) costing report. 

It would allow insurers to drive up premiums the minute someone gets sick. It allows states to obtain waivers from the Affordable Care Act's requirement that no one can be charged a higher premium because of a "health status-related factor", which will allow insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions or as a condition to enrollment. 

Diabetes without complications will rise by a 137% surcharge as a share of standard premium to a cash surcharge of $5,600; drug dependence will rise 502% to $20,450; major depressive and bipolar disorders will rise 208% to $8,490; rheumatoid arthritis and specified autoimmune disorders will rise 652% to $26,580; autistic disorder 135% to $5,510; completed pregnancy with no or minor complications 425% to $17,320; acute myocardial infarction 1,422% to $57,960; lung, brain, and other severe cancers 1,700% to $72,980. 

Call Sens. Cantwell (202) 224-3441 and Murray (202) 224-2621to slow walk all legislation so that they run out of time to pass this. 

Florence Vincent
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