Losing Market Share

I'm in California, so I was able to see the movie Inconvenient Sequel, Al Gore's update to his 2007 movie Inconvenient Truth.

The good news is, whether you think humans helped create the extremes in weather we are now experiencing or not, whole countries, states, and cities, even small ones, have decided that non-polluting renewable energy is cheaper and creates more jobs that fossil fuel. Will the administration allow a new draft U.S. climate report mandated by congress every four years to be released? {New York Times}

Mayors like Dale Ross of Georgetown Texas, who says his city is "the reddest city in the reddest county in Texas", and who turned his city green because it made economic sense for his constituents.

Countries like Chile, who are using alternative energy to help the power-hungry copper and iron mining industries because it's cheaper for them.

Counties like China and India, where the air in their cities is so polluted, it's killing people. They are spending billions and creating millions of new jobs, to replace those old polluting technologies.

India plans to build and sell only electric cars by 2030, that's in 13 years. Norway plans to sell only electric cars by 2025 and France by 2040.

China has taken the lead from the U.S. and is supplying the world with solar cells, wind turbines and car batteries. Why are we letting business opportunities slip through our fingers and other countries take our jobs?

Florence Vincent
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