So this is strange! How can a company completely pay to create a "Citizen's Initiative"? Have the Thurston County Commissioners decided that's the way to help their friends at Lakeside Industries permanently overturn laws that have been in place since around 1994, so that they can start processing RAP (recycled asphalt processing)? That was the last time a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) study was conducted in the Nisqually Valley. Then the county put in place a "blanket prohibition" against RAP. The Valley often floods and is zoned 'Agricultural'. Recycled asphalt has a rock that erodes more readily when exposed to water.

With Lakeside Industry paying for this new RAP study, I'm not sure how much the population of the Nisqually Valley, will get a say. At the meeting at Meadows Elementary School in Lacey on July 28th, out of 30-35 in attendance half were Lakeside Industries' employees, the others were Thurston County staff, with a few concerned citizens, who fought the SEPA back in the 1990’s.

Agricultural zoning does not work well with heavy industry, who want this Sub Plan change in the wording. The McCallister Wellhead is deep and provides water for all of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater, but the Valley often floods and polluted water may effect the river, the wellhead and groundwater. Thus the original "because of water quality concerns" blanket prohibition.

With Lakeside Industries paying for the whole "Citizen's Initiative", will they pay for the contractors that perform the SEPA? Will that effect the results? Let's keep the old Sub Plan wording; 'No RAP in Nisqually Valley'.

Florence Vincent
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