America's Internal Refugees

I heard a story from a lady form Colorado who had neck surgery and while in a post surgery rehab facility in Aurora, Denver, spoke with 2 women from Texas, 1 from Kansas and 1 from Oklahoma.

They all moved to Colorado to stay with family who already lived there so they could get healthcare. Colorado, like Washington State signed on to the ACA Medicaid Expansion. Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma are all Republican run and didn't take the Medicaid Expansion. One woman from Texas had gotten caught in a revolving door and had rib and other injuries. Her doctor wouldn't treat her, so her son, who's an oil worker and lives in Colorado, drove to Texas, picked her up and brought her back to Colorado, where he signed her up for Medicaid and she was able to get looked after!

Again, are the Blue States paying for the Red States?

If the Republicans have their way, could this happen to all of us?

I overheard a friend mention that the ACA/Obamacare is falling apart. I never liked the ACA, I believe we should have joined the rest of the world and had Medicare/Medicaid for All. The original bill had many Republican amendments. In fact the whole thing was modeled after Republican Mitt Romney's Massachusetts RomneyCare.

I think I have written previously how a couple of years ago, Republican Senator Marco Rubio stuck a last minute amendment into a must pass bill that cut the "risk corridors" that had been set up to pay the insurance companies to make them whole if they were loosing money.

Once that was cut, and it took effect just before the 2016 election cycle, the insurance companies had no choice but to put up premiums, or leave states.

Florence Vincent
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