CBO rates the AHCA/Trumpcare

Sitting here on Tuesday, I'm wondering if the Republican AHCA/Trumpcare will have passed. I'm expecting it will go through because their wealthy donors, those from the Forbes 400, the hoarding class, are threatening to stop making political donations. 

If it does, the Republican run House, Senate and President will have given those donors their much expected $33 billion tax rebate over 10 years. That's enough to fund healthcare for 700,000 Americans. 

The bill creates a deficit reduction of $188 billion which means Senate Leader McConnell has money to play with. He can buy Ohio's Senator Rob Portman's vote by giving a billion plus for prescription opioid addiction programs in his districts. 

According to the Republican run CBO, (Congressional Budget Office), the bill will free the insurance companies to do what they want. As a result, while some young customers could get a bare-bones policy for free or close to it, many older customers would face premiums of more than half their income. A 64 year old with a $40,000+ year income will see their annual $6,800 rates go up to $20,500 a year.

The CBO also says that employers with over 50 staff are expected to throw about 4 million people off healthcare because Trumpcare will take away the penalty for not complying. 

The good news for the Republicans, the CBO says Trumpcare will save $3 billion from Social Security. Why? Because over 10 years, 209,000 people are expected to die prematurely, so they won't become seniors! 

Florence Vincent
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