A Call to Action

Did you know, we have till June 30th to keep Solar jobs in this District. Please call budgetary leaders Senator Randi Becker and Representative J.T. Wilcox and ask them to vote in favor of Senate Bill SB1048 and House Bill HB1048. These bills will save 3,700 WA jobs, many local, and create 2,875 more. It would generate $150 million in payroll across Washington State and raise $25.8 million in sales tax for local roads and schools. If you're fiscally conservative, you'll be happy to know that every $1 on solar turns into $16-$20 in local economic activity. The Solar Jobs bill would protect existing solar owners, make room for new ones, ensure that our home-grown solar industry can grow and hire, and offer Washington a more affordable solar program than the outdated one we're locked into. Please tell Sen. Randi Becker 360-786-7602 and Rep. J.T. Wilcox 360-786-7912 we can't afford to turn away our solar jobs.

Florence Vincent
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