Healthcare UK v USA

I'm in the UK and my friend's husband collapsed at home. He was taken to hospital, spent 7 days there, then came home. He'll go back for more observation and surgery. Imagine that happening in the USA, the worry about the co-pays & deductibles if you even have insurance. In the UK not one penny charged.

What about Trumpcare? It's a tax gift to the very wealthy.

We pay up to 39.5% in tax. The really wealthy paid 20% tax on investment income. To help pay for enhanced ACA/Medicaid, they now pay 23% tax. Of course that is way too much for them, so the Republicans plan to cut $880 billion from Medicaid and $118 billion from Medicare.

Medicaid pays for 70% of all senior long term care at an average $93,000 a year. When that goes, the states will have to pay. Will you be able to look after your sick elderly relatives, or maybe sell your home so that 400 wealthy get their $7 million a year tax break?

Trumpcare will unshackle the Healthcare Industry again. We used to have 50 million uninsured. They always hated Obamacare/ACA, doing mergers to threaten Obama so they could leave states. We'll go back to charging women, nurses and firefighters extra. 7 million veterans will loose credits, 24 million will be uninsured, 43,000 will die annually and it will cost us 40% more than other countries with worse outcomes.

To keep profits high, insurers will again say 'snuff the kid' when it will cost them $1million a month for neo-natal care.

Florence Vincent
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