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Last week the Senate voted 50-48 in a party line vote to let your Internet Service Provider; like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc., sell your browsing information.

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider can see absolutely everything. They can watch your mouse hover over a page, see what kinds of articles you read and how much time you spend there. Were you researching prostrate cancer, doing a job search, checking a kinky site, your bank, your credit card company? They can see every click you make, which part of the page you lingered over; when you looked at it, and for how long you lingered on each picture, each paragraph; all this information is available to your ISP.

Until now, the FCC has said they couldn't sell that information. The Senate results were all 50 Republicans voted YES, sell it, and all 48 Democrats voted NO, don't. The House votes on it as I send this letter in.

So will these service providers to be able to sell your browsing information to anybody, including your nosey neighbor, your father-in-law, your employer, your local newspaper? We are so connected to our computers now, our browsing history has become our thinking history. We will see. Call and thank or express your displeasure to your legislators.

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