Where do your taxes go?

Average household income in the US is $44,000-50,000 a year with 2.2 people working.
So they'd be paying $575 a year in Federal Income Taxes to support the Pentagon, and Trump wants to raise that by about $50.
$368 a year in corporate welfare goes to companies like ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and Walmart.
PBS is costing you $1.37 a year, all the Federal Arts programs which includes museums, colleges and libraries are costing you 46 cents a year, helping support minority businesses is costing you 11 cents, per year. Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation 66 cents, putting cops on the streets, (not swat teams), community policing 88 cents, due process free attorney services for people who can't afford them, a core American value $1.55, a year. The Civil Rights division at the Justice Department 48 cents a year. Defend mother earth 38 cents a year, stopping climate change .03 cents a year.

So why do we need to kill these smaller programs? Because people like the Koch's don't pay .03 cents, their share, because they are billionaires is tens of thousands of dollars for each program. It's no wonder they lobby to get rid of them.

Is this why they are cutting Meals on Wheels, which 500,000 veterans and a couple million frail or disabled recipients depend on; lifting the 16% cap on student loans, block-granting Medicaid which will kill it and stopping poor kids getting reduced cost school lunches?

Florence Vincent
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