Beware the Independent

How do you feel about Republicans running Thurston County? I ask because I find it interesting that none of them will run under that banner for County Commissioner.

There are three different yard signs popping up around this part of the county and they all say Independent. Are these men hoping you'll think they aren't Republican?

I worry about Republicans running this county, or this country for that matter. I'm watching what the Republicans are doing when they "own" a state. Things are going really well for the wealthy billionaires, but not at all well for everyone else.

They are funding prisons while doing nothing to fix the poverty=drugs to prison pipeline, They are defunding schools while giving that money to poorly performing, unaccountable charter schools. They are putting up property taxes while letting infrastructure fall apart. They are keeping the minimum wage at poverty rates, while watching poverty rates soar. They aren't supporting their Veterans. They are cutting food stamps and not allowing medicaid while giving tax breaks and refunds to millionaires and billionaires. Literally more people are dying in Red states than in Blue states.

In the pot that comprises our shared taxes, taking rural and urban into consideration. Red states take more; on average they get $1.46 for every $1 in taxes they pay, while the Blue states give more; on average they get 70 cents for every $1 they pay. (Mother Jones/Tax Foundation/IRS)

Florence Vincent
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