I was asked to speak at the [Yelm, Washington] Caucus

This was part of what I said: Inequality is so bad in America, yet people don’t realize that’s why things are such a mess. And the media won’t discuss it so we don’t know what can be done about it.

Then along comes Bernie explaining it and talking about solutions.

Now some don’t believe we can’t fix things. Especially those who benefit from the way things are.

They say we can’t afford good pre-K, good schools, free public college, healthcare for all, paid family sick leave, $15 an hour, rebuilding our infrastructure etc., but somehow we CAN afford to spend $1 Trillion dollars on updating our nuclear weapons systems. And somehow we can afford to give tax breaks and rebates to companies that earn huge profits and stash their money off-shore.

There’s a reason why Bernie won 69% of the Americans Abroad vote.

It’s because those Americans live in countries that already have good schools and colleges, many of them free. They have access to healthcare for all, they get paid family and sick leave, they get paid vacations ranging from 2 to 5 weeks a year!!!! They can take amazing fast trains that look like bullets. They earn better money than we do and don’t pay that much more in taxes. Germany, France, UK, Canada and others pay between 45% and 52% top rate.

And lets be clear. Bernie’s tax plan doesn’t even kick in until you earn $250,001 a year. And then it goes from 33% to 37%. If you earn over $10 million a year it goes from 39.6% to 52%.

Bernie has some of the world’s greatest economists supporting him, because they know, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that a prosperous middle class will lift the whole country.

Florence Vincent
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