Democracy in Action

I'm sharing this fascinating journey I'm on with my new found friends. A journey I would welcome you to join.

Since getting involved in the Democrats monthly Legislative District (LD2) meetings I have seen the meetings grow from 8-10 people to 20-30 people. It's happening because people want change and change happens from the bottom up. And the LD2 meetings are the bottom, (on the 1st Monday of each month)! You could become a PCO, Precinct Committee Officer. It means you vote on the people who move up the ladder. You can run for office from there, or just be involved. You'll be creating the changes you want to see in our government, in our lives.

Since the March 26th Caucus, when the state overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders to be our nominee for President, we have been organizing for the next caucus on April 17th. The lucky people who were elected as delegates and alternates on March 26th, must attend the April 17th caucus for your nominee to keep their votes. It's at Yelm High School 1315 Yelm Ave W, Yelm 98597 with registration starting at 11am and the caucus starting at 1pm. From there the delegates and alternates, some 400+, gets narrowed down and about 60 go on. 17,000 statewide delegates will become the approx 118 who'll attend the National Convention in Philadelphia in July!

We are working on the Platform of issues we want the Democratic Party in WA state to stand for. We are working on the Rules that will govern the process. We are creating a Credentials Committee to verify the delegates. It's a wonderful journey, join us. Florence Vincent Cell: 360-977-2168

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