Bernie Is Our Man

The system is rigged. You can fix it, or continue it. Energy policy is dictated by the fossil fuel industry, security/war policy by the military industrial complex, healthcare policy by the health insurance industry, drug prices by Big Pharma, what we eat by Big Ag, fiscal policy by the Big Banks and trade policy is written by multinational corporations.

For 40 years corporate money in politics has decimated the middle class. All politicians have to take money to run for office. Until now.

Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont running as a Democrat has been against the machine for 35 years ago. His integrity and foresight are well known. He was against the war in Iraq, he foresaw what has happened. He was against what Fed. Chairman Greenspan did to create the mortgage crisis; years later Greenspan apologized. He foresaw what trade deals would do to jobs. He wants Medicare for All, Pre-K, State College for those who want and to tax the mega-corporations and mega-banks to pay for it.

Saturday March 26th attend your local Caucus and vote as a Democrat for the purpose of the Caucus. Caucuses will be at Yelm MS, Rainier HS, Tenino Elementary. For McKenna and Roy, it should be at Eatonville HS. But go to to find your exact caucus venue and to print and fill out a Pre-Register form to take with you to save time in line.

Florence Vincent
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