Is there a trend happening?

Is there a trend happening around the world? Can it happen in Yelm and Thurston County?

It looks like our Canadian friends to the north have had enough of conservative values. With the largest voter turnout in years, the Canadian people want 'Social' liberalism. More working with the rest of the world, more putting people and the environment above money.

In Yelm we have people who agree its time for change. Small businesses in Yelm are particularly frustrated with the councils way of giving all the perks to multinational corporations and nothing but obstruction to small local businesses, (as in Ice Chips). Let's have some accountability and transparency in local government. If we vote in Carmody, DePinto and Stillwell we could finally see some change.

In Thurston County there are two people running for Port of Olympia Commissioner who believe the Port can work for the people of our county. E.J. Zita Ph.D (physics, environmental science) and Joe Downing (WA State senior financial examiner) are both extremely thoughtful well qualified people who will make sure our money isn't wasted. They have plans that would support our local people and communities.

Florence Vincent
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0 #1 Florence Vincent 2015-10-31 14:09
Hi everyone, in the end, after some more research, I realize that George Barner would be a better choice for Port Commissioner than Downing.

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