Will we lose our Rights & Sovereignty?

Do we value our States rights, our U.S. sovereignty? If so, we need to say no to the TPP, (the Trans Pacific Partnership) which the President and some in State and Federal Government are pushing. If we give the President Fast Track Authority to push the TPP through, it will be without Congressional oversight, needing just an up or down vote.

We will be setting ourselves up for disaster, as no one will know what's in the Treaty. From what has been leaked, (no one has seen all of it except for the multinational corporate lobbyists and their associates who wrote it), only 5 of the 25 chapters are about trade, the rest are ways for corporations to run roughshod over our rights.

I've heard from a number of our State Congresspeople who are worried about us losing our States Rights. The "Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provision" (ISDSP) would allow foreign corporations to sue states if our laws stopped them from doing business their way. Suits would be heard by U.N. and World Bank judges. If the international court decides our laws are not to their liking, they could levy limitless fines on us.

This is unacceptable. The United States must remain a sovereign nation and not be subject to World Court oversight. Please contact your congresspeople at 202-224-3121/www.usa.gov and tell them you don't want Fast Track or the TPP.

Florence Vincent
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