Follow the Money

Here are 3 ways that corporations have taken over this country.

Regulatory Capture, Buying congress and International Trade deals.

Regulatory Capture is when government agencies like the USDA and FDA are run by the industries they're supposed to police. It's how Monsanto got Roundup into corn and soy seeds so that fields could be sprayed with Roundup to kill the weeds but not the plants. That worked until superweeds became tolerant of the Roundup. Now they've put Dicamba, part of Agent Orange, into the corn and soy seeds so they can spray it, until it doesn't work!

If regulatory capture doesn't work, they buy politicians loyalty with campaign contributions. Knowing that living near any type of refinery can be really bad for your health, the EPA is trying to regulate emissions. Of course the refining companies don't want to spoil their profits, so it's much cheaper to pay congresspeople to close down the EPA.

If that doesn't work, then International Trade deals like the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership will work. Under the disguise of trade, this treaty will offshore millions of American jobs, increase the cost of medicines, threaten the internet, bring us unsafe foods and products, roll back banking reforms, attack our environmental and health safeguards, ban Buy American policies that bring green jobs. The TPP was written by corporations; our congresspeople haven't seen it. Out of 29 chapters, only 5 actually deal with trade issues, the rest are rules to help those corporations.

Florence Vincent
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