New Congressional Rules

Happy New Year. Our newly elected republican congress has changed the people running the CBO, (congressional budget office) and decided that they need a new strategy as people understand "trickle down" hasn't worked. That their wages have been flat since the 1980's and that this policy has created the worst inequality since the 1920's.

This magical accounting is now called "Dynamic Scoring". Same policy, different name. If you remember President Bush Senior called trickle down "Voodoo Economics".  Even the Pope says the wealthy have become so greedy they aren't prepared to pay their workers a living wage.

They also changed the rules to attack funding for the Disabled. There will be a shortfall in the Social Security Disability Insurance program in 2016/2017, something that has happened 11 times since 1950 and has been fixed by both Republicans and Democrats.  Social Security and the SSDI are just like having a current account and a savings account. The over $2 trillion+ SS trust fund just moves some money over to it.

But not this time. This time they will try and pit retirees against the disabled. It will effect 11 million people with cuts of up to 20%.
They will tell you it's all those couch sitters, (laws were loosened under Reagan) when in fact it's mostly children like now republican Paul Ryan who lost his father, or people who end up in a terrible accident and can't support themselves.

There's lots more congressional goodies to come.
All the best

Florence Vincent
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