Gridlock Explained

The media is telling us both parties are to blame for Washington DC government gridlock. Most people don't have enough time to focus on politics, so think that because the President is a Democrat, it must be the Democrats fault.

They don't realize the House is run by Republicans, and that the Senate, where the Democrats have a small majority, and have passed many good pieces of legislation, has had each piece of legislation filibustered by the Republican minority.

Take Ebola and ISIS. Due to Republican gridlock we don't have a Surgeon General or 55 Ambassadors. As Ebola wrecks havoc in Sierra Leone, we have no Ambassador. As ISIS crosses the porous Turkish/Iraqi border, we have no Turkish Ambassador. This undermines our authority in the world, making us look weak.

On inauguration night 2009, fourteen high ranking Republicans met at a well documented meeting at the Caucus Room restaurant in Washington DC. They agreed to do whatever it took to destroy President Obama's presidency, to stop him from having a second term and to sabotage his legacy. The plan was to filibuster and obstruct anything supported by the President, and to bring down anything that did pass.

The Republicans say they will make things work, but after watching them over the past 6 years, we know what their Caucus Room goal is. Create dysfunction and then posture as the reasonable party.

Florence Vincent
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