Stop Delaying America's Mail!

In 2006, the Republican lame duck Congress inserted a 'poison pill' into the Post Office Accountability Act that mandated the Post Office pay 75 years of Employee Health Care Benefits in an unheard of 10 years. This put an unrealistic burden of over $5 billion a year on the Post Office. Without this poison pill, the Post Office would be making a profit.

Along with signing the bill, George Bush appointed to the Post Office Board Republicans who don't believe in a constitutionally mandated Post Office, and although it isn't funded by taxpayers, but by stamp sales alone, they have been systematically dismantling it ever since. The board is touting billions of dollars in losses, while in fact USPS has made profits.

The board has 11 members, but currently it has 5 vacancies and two members are due to leave. We need the President to appoint some people who actually support the Post Office to the board. The new Republican Senator who will have oversight of the Post Office doesn't believe in it and wants it to go into bankruptcy and be sold off to the highest bidder!

On Jan 5th, 2015 the US Postal Service is slated to lower "service standards" to virtually eliminate over-night delivery, including first class mail from one address to another within the same city or town. It could take a week! All letters, periodicals and packages throughout the country will be delayed.

On that same date 82 Mail Processing and Distribution Centers are scheduled to close or "consolidate operations". They've already closed down processing plants in Olympia and Everett, and Tacoma is due to close next year.

These cuts will cause hardships for customers, drive away business, cause irreparable harm to our constitutionally mandated Service and lead to massive schedule changes and reassignments for employees.

The Post Office has the second largest employee base in the country after Walmart, but unlike Walmart is pays living wage jobs.

What happens if some of our own post offices close down and we have to go to Olympia for our mail. We need to make sure the Post Office stays viable. The last thing we want is to loose more good paying jobs in this area.

Please sign my petition to the President to ask him to appoint good people to the nearly empty board. I also include a YouTube video of Senator Bernie Sanders, who supports my petition.

Florence Vincent
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