Net Neutrality

The President just came out in favor of the internet being open to all. Or Net Neutrality as it's called. He is asking the FCC to regulate cable companies the same as phone companies.

Imagine the phone company listening in to your call, and if they thought you were making a business call, they would charge you 10 cents a minute, whereas if it sounded like you were calling your grandmother, they would only charge you 3 cents a minute. Cable companies shouldn't charge us differently depending on which site we look at. We need to make internet providers Title 2 Common Carrier's just like phone companies.

Isn't the government supposed to make life easier and better for its citizen's and businesses? Shouldn't we all be like Chattanooga! That city is providing internet service, rather than leaving it to the cable carriers and their slower more expensive service. The faster and cheaper service Chattanoog! a is offering is attracting business from around the country and providing fast cheap service to all it's citizens. What about it Thurston, Olympia, Yelm?

Florence Vincent
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