Dwight Eisenhower's Republican Party

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower are the only two presidents in 100 years to have won both of their elections with over 51% of the vote, so what did they both do right?  In the 1956 Republican party platform, they were in support of all the people, not just the corporations.  They wanted to improve housing, give better healthcare and support the United Nations. They said that government must have a heart and head. That Labor is the United States as they create the wealth of this country. They said in their first four years that the Federal minimum wage had been raised, that Social Security had been extended and raised, and that unemployment had been extended. They had supported Nation Parks and wanted to do more. Their goal was to help people with disabilities, save pension plans, fight against discrimination of all kinds. They also wanted to protect the rights of people to bargain, so they supported unions.  

It would appear that, adjusted for GDP, corporate profits are at an all time high.  It would also appear that, adjusted for GDP, workers wages are at an all time low.  Corporations, are sitting on trillions of dollars while workers are finding they have to rely on food stamps.  So is it fair that the tax payer is having to subsidize workers while the corporate leaders are raking in millions?  What happened to Dwight Eisenhower's party?

Florence Vincent
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0 #1 Chris 2013-07-06 09:15
Ike also built a place for all People of any faith to pray in silence.

Thank you for your insights,


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