The people of Massachusetts

The good people of Massachusetts where Romney was Governor, are trying to tell us something. They are voting for President Obama by an 18 point margin.

During his term Romney didn't seem to understand the meaning of the word bipartisan. While the MA congress passed 800 bills, Romney vetoed them all. The congress went on to over-ride all his vetoes.

It is true that he didn't put up 'taxes', but he needed revenues so he added 'fees' to everything, from marriage licenses to gas deliveries. He cut funds to local cities which meant firing police and firefighters. He got new revenue by closing corporate-loopholes which ended up as business tax hikes that hurt small businesses.

He wants states to get their own 'Romneycare' but doesn't tell us he did a deal with the government and got extra money to make it happen. Something other states won't qualify for.

He wants to cut Medicaid and then block grant it to the states to do what they want with it. This might sound like a good idea, but many states will use the money for other expenses or to cut their deficits.

After 4 years in office Romney's Massachusetts ranked 47th in jobs. After 4 years of President Obama in office, the USA is one of the few bright spots in the world economy.


Florence Vincent

Yelm, Wa USA

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