Fool me once

I was pretty uncomfortable watching Mitt Romney in last weeks debate. I felt like I'd been duped and sold a car that I didn't want, by a slick tongued salesman who would say anything to make the sale. 

Like Paul Ryan's convention speech which was roundly criticized for its lies, Romney also lied throughout the debate, but he got away with it as the press focused on the President's lack luster performance. 

In Romney's tax plan the wealthy get a 20% tax cut that will cost us $5 trillion dollars over 10 years. He says it will mostly pay for itself. Just like George Bush. And if Romney's 20% tax cut for the wealthy doesn't pay for itself, who do you think will end up holding the bag? Regular Americans. Again, just like Bush.  

In Massachusetts he didn't raise taxes, he raised fees on all sorts of everyday things. He left the state the 47th lowest in job growth. He also created his Romneycare with special government funding. He says states should do what he did, but no other state will qualify for that funding.

Romney said he will cover pre-existing conditions, but his campaign told us right after the debate that he misspoke and that he won't. He even said on Jay Leno that people would be on their own.

He said he wouldn't cut $716 billion from Medicare, but Paul Ryan's plan does cut it and the cut has already been passed by the Republican House. The money would help the wealthy. The President finds his $716 billion from within the administrating of Medicare over the next 10 years, not from seniors. In fact the Medicare chief actuary says the President's plan adds 8 years to Medicare's life and the savings are already helping seniors. My visit to the doctor had no co-pay.

They will cut funding to early childhood education, K-12 and college education to make sure multi millionaires get their $250,000 tax cut.

So don't get caught by the lies. The Republican agenda is fixated on helping the wealthy and big corporations but because people don't like that, we are being lulled by Bush type smooth talk.

Like Bush said...fool me once!


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