In a Pickle

Mitt Romney told us we shouldn't let him be president if we ever found he'd paid more taxes than were due.

So he now finds himself in a bit of a pickle, as he didn't take all the tax deductions in 2011 from his charitable donations that were required. You see, if he had taken the full deduction, his taxes would come down to around 9%. He couldn't have that as he'd already said he'd paid 14% in taxes. So has he manipulated his taxes for political gain? I just wonder what else he's not telling us. Now don't worry about him as he has 2 years to claim back the extra deductions.

His accountants say his taxes have averaged 20.2% over the past 20 years, and that might be true, but be aware tax rates have gone up and down from 70% to 15% over the past 25 years.

I'm just not sure how he expects us to pay off the deficit while he and his friends don't give up a penny!

Florence Vincent
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0 #2 Florence Vincent 2012-10-03 22:21
Sally that is a great idea. I believe that the Mormons have been doing that for Romney, so we should do it for Obama. I would much rather have a calm thoughtful man in the Whitehouse than a used car huckster.
0 #1 sally mysko 2012-10-02 13:21
I have been comtemplating the elections
and have been wondering if anyone is using the great work to manifest collectively the outcome of what we want to create, what the Ram has taught us to do. It seems we may still be in the emotions of the election. It has always been the way great masters have accomplished. Many times a small group of powerful beings have changed the course of destiny.
We have done it as a collective for the weather. ie in Hawaii we stopped a potential tsunami. why not make cards and put obama or your representitive in the grid or do a powerful walk that reaches the whole world through the grid. Lets see it the way we want to see it and trust the outcome.
In watching the candidates in the election I have come to realize I am looking at my own altered ego in a battle
Thats my wisdom Everything in my reallity is a reflection of me.

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