Who are you voting for?

If you are used to voting Republican and you are near or at retirement age, you might want to think about your voting preferences this year.  There is only one party that has fought from the get-go against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  That is the Republican party.  Please be aware that the Romney/Ryan plan will cut all these programs one way or another.  Everything Romney has done in the past year has shown us his philosophy on life. He really does believe that some are worthy and some are not. I have a feeling that unless you earn over $500,000 a year you don't count as worthy.  Don't forget he is worth over $1/4 billion dollars.

But there is a strange thing with some wealthy people. While they are disgusted that we get some services from the government, it's expected and approved that they get as much as they can both for themselves and their corporations in tax write-offs.  And to be sure, if we try and take those write-offs away from them, they will feel very victimized.

Florence Vincent
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