I am seriously wondering if Mitt Romney understands us. First, he thinks that the middle class starts at $200,000 to $250,000. He recently said to a group of big donors that 47% of Americans are victims who would never vote for him, so he's not worried about them.

Now 47% would be almost half of the country. So who are these people that Romney is disdainful about?  It would seem to be anyone who earns $27,873 or less.

It would include those on Social Security, (never mind they worked their whole lives and paid into that program the whole time).  It would include all children whose parents died and left them without help. It would include people who have disabilities and people who are on Medicaid because although they may work two jobs, they may still not have enough money to pay rent and medicine.  Included would be people who due to the catastrophic recession now have to take food stamps and students who need to take advantage of Pell Grants to make it to college.  As for these working folks not paying taxes, they actually pay all sorts of taxes; sales taxes, FICA & Medicare etc.

These taxes add up to over 13% which is interesting as that was what Mitt Romney paid in the only tax filing he has given us. Many believe he paid nothing the years before 2010 as did many billionaires, while many of their companies take huge tax subsidies, called corporate welfare.

Florence Vincent
Yelm, USA
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