The Romney/Ryan budget plan, which has already been voted on and passed twice in the Republican led House of Congress, would shrink Medicare to a "premium support" program that would give seniors a fixed voucher to purchase health insurance. The first version would probably cost seniors more than $6000 extra a year as the rate of inflation is much less than the annual insurance hikes in healthcare. The second version would have the whole program run out of money by 2016. 

The plan also cuts huge amounts of funding to Medicaid, which, along with helping poor families, helps pay for senior nursing home care and people with disabilities like Spina Bifida and Autism.  

They also take the same $716 billion out of Medicare that Obama does. It's just that they give the money to the wealthy, while Obama ploughs it back into Medicare directly and through Obamacare, giving seniors preventative healthcare with no co-pays while prolonging the program for another 8 years. 

Florence Vincent 
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