Women-Voting Matters

Where are women in America?  There are only 75 women in US House of Representatives (out of 435 voting members) and only 17 women in the in US Senate (out of 100). The US rates 79% in the world for women participating in government.

I’m not sure why American women are letting men dictate their lives.  Women still only receive 77 cents on the dollar that men receive for their work.  Not having equal pay for equal work, affects women their whole lives. It even affects men, as women aren’t contributing as much to the household income. Women were 32% more likely to receive sub-prime mortgages and more than 1 million women have filed for bankruptcy.  Something like a job loss, an illness or a divorce can send a woman into a tail spin financially.

The Republicans voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. They didn’t allow a single woman to give testimony on the first panel on women’s health issues.  Maybe that is why men believe things like a women’s body can stop a pregnancy in the case of rape! They are not aware that there are over 32,000 pregnancies a year from rape. The party is determined to ban the morning after pill, all forms of hormonal birth control, and even in-vitro fertilization.  In the past 2 years, since the Republicans took over many State Houses and the US House of Representative, there have been over 1000 bills about women’s fertility issues bought up in state legislatures and over 67 bills passed in the Republican U.S. House of Representatives while no serious bills on the economy.

New laws in many Republican run states have put a real crimp on voting for women, who are 55% of voters nationally. They have put forth extreme requirements for voter ID that many older women, women of color and students do not have.  While it may seem easy for us to get a driver’s license or passport, many older women have stopped driving so no longer have an up to date ID. Many women live in cities where there is no need to drive. For some reason very few Americans own a passport.  Some older voters can’t get a birth certificate, especially if they were born at home, or they don’t live in their original state of birth. Students are being confused as to what type of ID they can use.  In Texas, students can vote using a gun license, but not their student ID!

If the Republicans can’t win honestly, as has been shown in the past, they will do whatever it takes to win.  This year there is more at stake for women than at any other time as they plan to reverse Rowe v Wade, their budget directly hurts women by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Pell Grants, Food Stamps and all social services and they plan to attack the voting rights act. Women died so that you and I can vote and we are ignoring our only chance to make government work for us.



0 #2 Florence Vincent 2012-10-03 22:22
No, I'm not related to him.
0 #1 Judi Flanders 2012-09-08 09:06
Excellent article! I was wondering if you are related to Mark Vincent ot his mom!

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