A Victory for us

The Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision passed Romneycare with the deciding vote by George W. Bush’s GOP appointee John Roberts.

So now you know; if you lost your job and your healthcare coverage; if you are in a job that you hate but stay because of the coverage; if you are one of 122 million who lost your coverage due to a pre-existing condition (like acne), if you are paying higher premiums because you are a woman; if you had to give up your healthcare because it’s too expensive;  if you’ve had nothing but prayer to sustain you from going into bankruptcy, you can now heave a sigh of relief, as you can plan to have healthcare.

Don’t panic, all 250 million who already have healthcare will keep their care, but 30+ million uninsured will be covered.

96% of small businesses won’t need to buy healthcare. It’s only for the 4% of businesses that have more than 50 employees. But if a small company wants to give coverage they will get a tax credit.

As for taxes, only the very wealthy and the healthcare industry will pay some actual taxes.  We enter into a lot of tax agreements with the government.  If you rent, you agree not to get a tax rebate for owning a home.  If you choose not to get married or have kids you agree not to get tax rebates.  Starting in 2014 insurance will be about $695 a year, but if you can’t afford that, you will be helped.  If you choose not to find insurance in one of the new exchanges and don’t buy healthcare even though you can afford it eventually your tax rebate may be held up but there is no criminal penalty. A family of four with an income of $50,000 who now pay $14,000 a year will pay between $3,000 and $4,000 a year.

The $500 billion being taken from Medicare is actually being taken from the badly named Private Insurance Industry’s ‘Medicare Advantage’, not from Medicare.  

So why on earth don’t we know what is in Obamacare? Possibly because of the $¼ billion that was spent by special interests to terrify you and keep you in the dark. And watch out as it’s about to happen again.

5 million seniors have already saved $600 on discounted medication in the Donut Hole
Maternity care will now be covered.
There will be no co-pays for preventative healthcare and the whole system will end up being more about preventative healthcare.
They can’t drop children with pre-existing conditions or cut you off from annual or lifetime limits
They can’t hike up your coverage
13 million policy holders will get a rebate from the insurance companies if they haven’t spent 80% of their profits on healthcare.
6 million kids up to 26 are on their parents insurance
There is evidence that premiums are already slowing and will save over a trillion dollars over the years.

Romneycare in Massachusetts has 98% of adults covered and 99% of kids.


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