ALEC, Exxon/Bayer/GSK

Some people say that the American Legislative Exchange Council helps small businesses, yet how come 300 huge corporations make up most of the members. Forbes Magazine just reported that Exxon Mobil made $825 billion in profit in 2011. Now that's not takings, that's profit after all expenses have been paid, and we are still giving them tax subsidies!

Exxon Mobil is a member of ALEC and pays between $7000 and $25,000, but they get a tax write-off for being a member as ALEC is a charity, even though they 'lobby' for laws. Exxon sits on task forces that write the laws for our State. They sit on the Civil Justice, the Energy, the Environment, the Tax and Fiscal Policy task forces and the Agriculture task force. After all, oil is in our fertilizers, tractors, packaging, transportation to us, and fuel for our cars. 

The German multinational corporation Bayer Pharmaceutical is also a member of ALEC, they sit on the Civil Justice, the Energy, the Health and Human Services, the Agriculture and the Environmental task forces. It costs from $3000 to $10,000 to sit on a task force. Bayer is from Leverkusen, Germany. Glaxo SmithKline is a British multinational pharmaceutical who sits on ALEC's Corporate Private Enterprise Board.

Ruled by the wealthy from all over the world!


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