Florence Vincent

I'm in the UK and my friend's husband collapsed at home. He was taken to hospital, spent 7 days there, then came home. He'll go back for more observation and surgery. Imagine that happening in the USA, the worry about the co-pays & deductibles if you even have insurance. In the UK not one penny charged.

What about Trumpcare? It's a tax gift to the very wealthy.

Average household income in the US is $44,000-50,000 a year with 2.2 people working.
So they'd be paying $575 a year in Federal Income Taxes to support the Pentagon, and Trump wants to raise that by about $50.
$368 a year in corporate welfare goes to companies like ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and Walmart.
PBS is costing you $1.37 a year, all the Federal Arts programs which includes museums, colleges and libraries are costing you 46 cents a year, helping support minority businesses is costing you 11 cents, per year. Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation 66 cents, putting cops on the streets, (not swat teams), community policing 88 cents, due process free attorney services for people who can't afford them, a core American value $1.55, a year. The Civil Rights division at the Justice Department 48 cents a year. Defend mother earth 38 cents a year, stopping climate change .03 cents a year.

Last week the Senate voted 50-48 in a party line vote to let your Internet Service Provider; like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc., sell your browsing information.

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider can see absolutely everything. They can watch your mouse hover over a page, see what kinds of articles you read and how much time you spend there. Were you researching prostrate cancer, doing a job search, checking a kinky site, your bank, your credit card company? They can see every click you make, which part of the page you lingered over; when you looked at it, and for how long you lingered on each picture, each paragraph; all this information is available to your ISP.

The Republican Betsy Devos Era of Education is here: House Bill HR610 makes some large changes. 

The proposed bill will start school vouchers for children aged 5-17 and starts defunding public schools.  It will eliminate the Elementary and Education Act of 1965, which provides equal opportunity in education.