Skookumchuck Wind Farm 16340 Vail Loop Road SE, Rainier WA

Is this energy source worth the detriment to wildlife, nature and your peaceful quality of life?

Photo point 12. View facing north(ref. project file ThurstonCountySUPApp-2017-03-07, project number 20171010332)

There are pros and cons to this form of "green energy". The cons however are substantial.
-Wildlife: Significant impact to raptors, bats, and other migratory birds striking these blades. They hit them and they die.
-Noise: The plan for this project is for up to 51 commerical scale turbines crossing Thurston and Lewis Counties with blades sweeping 354-446 feet. The height could be up to 449 feet. This energy is not silent. The blades and the turbines generate noise, as well as the new transmission lines that will be constructed.
-Visual Pollution: The view will change to see a horizon with giant metal structures that are lit with blinking strobe commercial aircraft warning lights.
-Responsibility: The project has no identified owner. The project will be sold to a mystery buyer. Puget Sound Energy will purchase the power from the mystery buyer. Puget Sound Energy will have no responsibility for the wind farm's impact on the environment. Who is the buyer that will be responsible for the next 20-30 years?
-Other options: There are other forms of wind power with less detrimental impacts.
-Status: The project is set for a go-live of December 2018. The Special Use Permit and environmental checklist (SEPA) are currently in review with the County.
-What you can do: The impacts of this wind farm well exceed the required 2600 foot notification requirements for the public and thus limited the input from the community. Action is required now. Let the Thurston County Board of Commissioners and the Project Manager know your thoughts on this project. Commissioners can be e-mailed at the link below: The project manager Robert Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Reference Skookumchuck Wind Project #2017101332. Your voice matters. Thank you!


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