The Downstreamers - Fundraising 2.0

This is my second attempt at fundraising for our attorney.   We are a small group of folks who have our finger in the dike of Yelm’s water supply.  As most of you know, the City of Yelm wants to begin pumping enormous amounts of water out of our aquifer, so they can build more new houses in the Tahoma Terra subdivision.

In November we filed an Appeal against the City and the Department of Ecology to review this situation.  We did it on our own for 3 months, then hired an attorney to assist.   He is extraordinarily reasonable and has donated many hours already.  However, our current bill is up to $1,100 and I am writing to ask your help.

Our aquifer affects all of Yelm . . . and far beyond.  If it is drawn down, many people will have their static water level drop, and be forced to drill new wells. We are fighting to have the DOE revisit Yelm’s Mitigation Plan and send it back to the city for re-vamping. 

We’re working as hard as we can to have this happen . . . can you help?


Sara Foster & The Downstreamers
14104 – 89th Ave SE
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