Yelm Aquifer Update 2/14/12

On November 18, 2011, Sara Foster submitted an Appeal against the City of Yelm and the Dept of Ecology to stop the pumping of 942 acre feet of water, every year for 20 years, from our aquifer. Ecology had just rubber-stamped Yelm’s Mitigation Plan and the city was approved to begin pumping. This amount has huge environmental impacts to the aquifer. It means all of our wells in a vast surrounding area could drop in static level and people would have to drill new wells. This is the same aquifer our School draws from. In 2009 our community became aware of this same Mitigation Plan submitted to Ecology, and wrote over 85 letters in protest. It was subsequently withdrawn.

So Yelm waited 2 years and then very quietly resubmitted the same old plan, putting it on a fast-track with Ecology for approval.

I discovered this with just 2 days to spare. With the help of a friend, I filed an Appeal as Sara Foster & The Downstreamers . . . but in the beginning, there were no Downstreamers. And no one else filed an Appeal. Because no one knew!! Yelm right now would have begun pumping out of our aquifer, effecting all of our static levels.

I had legal assistance from a non-profit organization for the first few months, so I could file motions and respond to everything Yelm sent our way. I got our case on the docket for a hearing date of July 25th, 2012, so Yelm was not granted these water rights and cannot pump any water until after this Hearing. In the meantime, 9 other dauntless entities have stepped up to become “The Downstreamers”.

I have now hired an attorney to represent us. I am asking for donations to help cover the cost. I have set up a separate bank account. Checks can be made out to myself or the Downstreamers. I’m pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you all so much! You are a great community!

Sara Foster 458-4955 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



0 #3 diane 2012-03-31 03:16
What is the Dept of Ecology doing with this water? Are they selling to the bottling companies?
0 #2 anne 2012-02-25 17:08
Much appreciated for all the work that you have done regarding saving our water availability... ....
0 #1 Pat 2012-02-25 10:10
I will join the Downstreamers and help with what I am able. Thanks so much for helping to protect our water and being so aware. Pat Kelly

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